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Winners of this year’s our BCA Award at Patchings festival 2022 is Scapa Joe. Scapa Joe is a collaboration between artist Caroline Appleyard (Scapa) and photographer / 3D designer Dean Hodson (Joe).

They aim to raise awareness of climate change, extinction, pollution, and especially the ecological balance of the oceans. Caroline paints, and they also make sculptures showing the possible future if climate change continues. They describe their work as utopian dystopia.

Caroline is a self taught artist who turned professional in 2006 and has exhibited in various galleries around the UK. She teamed up with Dean as she wanted to make a difference with her art and in 2018, they began creating art under the name Scapa Joe.

Diving for 25 years, Caroline has taken an interest in environmental issues Dean is also a keen environmentalist. They work well together, often exchanging ideas on their morning runs. They work in various media and hope that their art will help people make small changes to help our beautiful planet.




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