Whilst on my holibobs, I was contemplating how slight the separation is between something coming into existence (or not) can be.
Take relationships, for example. We meet the people we have lifelong relationships usually due to a slight deviation from a path we might normally have taken. We ‘stumble across’ the friends and partners we meet in life, many times, purely by accident.
Good and bad fortune can easily be met by just a slight deviation of our usual modus operandi and, on occasions, I find myself reflecting on just how my life light have been if I hadn’t done this or that: the changes that had a huge influence on my life’s outcome.
Even the earth itself, should it (relatively) be a hair’s breadth closer, or further away from the sun, would either freeze, or burn away the chance of all life on earth. That astonishingly slim chance has created all we see today and I, for one, am amazed when I think about that.
Maybe I’ve just got too much time on my hands here, but I do think that being grateful for the multitude of chance meetings and experiences we’ve enjoyed in life, or at least ones that have taught us good life lessons, should be acknowledged occasionally.
We are the sum of our choices, but amongst some of those is some fairy dust: a certain something that may change the outcome of who and where we are now. And the beauty of life is, we never know just when that dust will be sprinkled.
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