I was recently taken by a quote from Deepak Chopra in which he simply said ‘Be happy for no reason’. On the surface it sounds so simple but it had me thinking about whether my happiness is linked to an external source.

Yes, I feel happy most days but I have ever reason to now, with a successful business, a wonderful marriage and good friends and family. And although I’ve always been quite an upbeat and enthusiastic person, I do realise my happiness is, or at least was, often linked to things that happened TO me rather than coming from me.

It could be I’m being hard on myself but I do wonder if we’re too connected to what others say to us or the world ‘gives’ us for our happiness, which is a concern simply because when that inverts itself, our unhappiness will inevitably follow.

I know many of us have connected to something more wholesome and fundamental during these extraordinary weeks: fused more deeply with our family and felt the import and connection with our friends and loved ones. I truly hope we continue to embrace those riches as we move forward. I believe this is where true happiness resides: from the more base elements of life’s riches.

I do hope we all take some of the positives forward when we reconnect with the world. I can’t help thinking that not only ourselves, but society as a whole will benefit from a different and more wholesome approach to life. Maybe this is what nature has been trying to teach us these past few weeks?

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