Sophie M Cook

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Sophie M Cook learnt painting and drawing at the Atelier of Representational Art in London and a BA Hons in History of Art at the University of Sussex.

She has since sold worldwide and exhibited at many prestigious galleries including the Chelsea Art Society and was a runner up in the Wing Gallery Art prize 2021 as well as being shortlisted for the Harper’s Bazaar Singapore Art Prize 2016.

Sophie’s work is mainly concerned with observation, studying the relationships of colour through the dynamic marks within her paintings. She is drawn to flowers with their complex forms and seemingly limitless palette combinations, the lyricism of which transcribes into the visual language her paintings  convey.

In each of her artworks she tries to describe the language of form and light in a way that is unique to her and that brings an emotional response to her chosen subjects. She works  from life and embraces the colours each changing season bestows on those subjects.

Sophie’s art is in collections worldwide and she has sold work through Christie’s Auction House. She is also part of the collective, ‘Floris Fine Art’ with fellow painters Penny German, Rosemary Lewis and Felicity Starr.



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