One of the hardest values I had to learn over the last few months has been patience. I know, logically, the principle of ‘letting go and letting God’: to stop interfering with the flow of things and allow luck, the universe, the Gods, whatever you call it, weave their magic. But in practice I’m very bad at doing it.

Having been a doer my whole life, stopping (in my supposed semi-retirement) and not immediately filling the space I’ve created with something new, has been exceptionally difficult for me.

But if I’ve learnt anything in my three-score-plus years it’s that creative ideas don’t come unless you make space for them. So, in an attempt to get the seed of an idea for a new writing project flowing (my drug of choice) I needed to plant, water it, and wait.

Going on walks with my dog to fill time; going for swims; even buying some pencils and a pad to start drawing again… all this, in an effort not to start something new and give my brain space to allow ideas for a new story to drop. But nothing; Nada… zilch! Had a wasted my time? Was I being too much of a tree hugger and, in truth, nothing would come at all?

Then, just as I was starting to feel it was a year of my life wasted with my fancy, new-age ideas, the dam burst forth and delivered something way beyond even my unbridled imagination. Suddenly awash with a lucrative and exciting project that will fill my months, even years to come. Phew!

I can’t help feel Frank Lloyd Wright got it spot on when he so wisely said; “Space is the breath of art.”

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