So, there I was, pacing around the house trying to contrive subjects to write about – emails paging in one room, my phone ringing in the other – and it suddenly occurred to me… no wonder you’ve got writer’s block!

It’s the same reason my writing agent thinks I’m dead and I haven’t even come up with a new idea for a new movie or novel since my first successes: All creativity needs space!

Building the Harbour Gallery for the last nine years, and then onto ArtRehome, and now soon, it’s hardly surprising I can’t write for toffee any more. I just don’t have the room.

Space is where the Gods speak to us. It’s where our minds can meander and our thoughts can fashion preposterous schemes. It’s the well of all manner of concoction, but unless we have the time to wind down the bucket, it’ll always come up dry.

I love my work and my life, and authoring these bi-weekly newsletters is a joy, but I still miss the buzz of suddenly finding ‘that’ idea. A screenplay I know will take me away into a Narnia of ideas which will itch me to break open the laptop and write ‘fade in’.

Whatever your muse, I do hope that, unlike me, you give it the time it deserves. Creating anything from nothing is the headiest of pursuits and is the essence of any spirituality. It matters not if you consider yourself good at anything or otherwise. Do it anyway, because it’s there to do and you’re worth it.

I know I’ve pledged this many times before, but I will allow myself this gratification again soon. I never feel closer to my God (what/whomever that is) than when I’m doing just that and the desire to create again is becoming positively overwhelming. There, I said it!

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