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Stacey Forsey has painted throughout her life. Her love of drawing and illustration began at a young age when she would sit and draw with her grandfather and she later went on to study art.

Inspired by an eclectic mix of hedonistic Hacienda days of the 90s and drawing on influences of travelling and living abroad for several years, Stacey has a wealth of experience which influence her paintings.

The warmth in her artworks is a direct response to the cultures she has experience on her travels away from her home in Manchester. Her love of colour has inspired Stacey to take influences from the world of fashion, which she adores.

In her latest series of paintings, Stacey adds collage to the works, referencing her empowerment as an artist and the diverse world she lives in.

“I am led by colour. I have led a colourful life and this is reflected in my artwork style. I like to start with a strong base colour and then build on this by adding anything important to the piece – from postage stamps to inspirational quotes, pictures of iconic people to body parts. But most of all, it is all about colour. 

“I would like my work to inspire positivity. I always feel as though I have an inner peace when I’ve finished a painting, though I am never satisfied until I have added a collaged finishing touch.”




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