Thank you

I’ve found that some of the ‘simple’ things in life can reveal themselves to be immensely complex and for me, one of the most abundant of these is the simple thank-you.

Sure, it’s a way of showing gratitude for something we’ve received but I believe it is one of the most powerful ways of bringing abundance into ones life too.

Time is a constraint that is created by us to prove distance – the space between two or more things – but in reality, time doesn’t exist, and all that is, will, and has happened is happening right now; just in a different sphere. Quantum physics suggests the same.

By saying thank you, then,  for something that hasn’t manifested yet in your life, based on my beliefs at least, it actually brings it into your reality. Our sayings even suggest that theory: in giving (knowing you have abundance) one receives.

By showing abundance, we create it. And for me saying thank you for something you feel you don’t yet have in your life is a way of bringing that thing into fruition.

Training the mind to shed the restraints of ‘reality’ is something I try to do often. And thank-you is my daily chant, if not out loud, then certainly in my head. And unsurprisingly, unlike any other time in my life, I have more to be thankful for today than ever before. So, thank you!

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