The Three Rs

My wife and I are blessed to have a life we live and work we enjoy immensely but, like most, we get to a point of needing a holiday. But if life is so good, why I need a break from it? I can only put it down to what I call the 3 ‘Re’s: Rest, Reflection and Revisioning.

Even if we enjoy what we do (or maybe because we do) we can tend to work hard at it. Maybe harder even than if we didn’t. And although I don’t consider my work stressful – as, in the main, I’m in control of it – nevertheless, it can be tiring. Like many of our artists, I imagine, I tend to forget this and immerse myself too deeply for too long. This is where the 3 Re’s become necessary.
The first Re, is Rest. To do things one wouldn’t normally do and take time out from the ‘normality’ of our working day. They say a change is good as a rest and I can vouch for that as I’m not good at just sitting around, so just being and doing things differently maybe even in a different place, has the desired effect.
This brings me to the second: Reflection. Having time when the brain is free from its routines is a great time to look at what one has and how one goes about things. A chance to consider changing elements we’re not happy with and focusing on those that would serve us better.
Finally: Revisioning. To take those reflections of the last work period, and find a way of implementing the benefits into our everyday routines. This vital part of the process brings me closer to honing both my business and personal life.

Maybe one day I’ll do this so successfully that holidays will no longer be necessary. After all, I now live where I used to holiday, do a job I love immensely, and I live in my dream house with a gorgeous family. So maybe in future my 3 Re’s will become just one: Realisation… now wouldn’t that be the bomb?

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