Valérie Pirlot

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Valérie Pirlot moved to Bath in 2005 from Belgium. Inspired by the light, Bath and its surrounding countryside are an unending source of inspiration. Like the french impressionists she so admires, Valérie works mainly plein air in any kind of weather, expressing the wonderful surroundings with her delicate brushstrokes.

Working this way helps encourage spontaneity and restricts the temptation to add unnecessary detail, keeping her work fresh, instinctive and exciting. The weather’s constant movement often produces inspiring, unforeseen results, helping her capture the “essence” of a scene with just a limited amount of brushstrokes, by making every one count.
A member of the Bath Society of Artists since 2018, Valérie’s work is collected avidly and we’re delighted to welcome her into BCA’s exciting stable of British artists.


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