Yin Yang

I’m often amazed at how complete opposites can be both a forte and a potential downfall at the same time – the yin and yang of life I guess.

Ego, for example, is important for drive and passion in one’s undertakings, especially in business, but too much ego will shatter the effects of that success.
Artists must have an element of narcissism mixed with a powerful sense of self doubt. The former exceptionally important to give oneself up to their art, the latter to be objective about their creations.
We even have the same conflicts with the world’s environmental issues: on one hand we have to do something to counteract our existence here, but at the same time want to preserve the exact thing that is the cause of the problem… namely us!
I guess it’s down to balance, but whose balance? Everyone has a different idea of what that can be.
There is only one true solution and that’s self-assessment. No law can legislate across the board. There will always be exceptions. So it’s down to the individual to know if they’re enjoying too much yin and not enough yang and correct that where possible.
Junk food, alcohol, travel, tv, computers: there are a multitude things that are designed to help keep us seduced by the yin, whist selling us the ultimate quick fix solution for the yang. Sadly I have no solution for you here apart from highlighting the issue we all fall victim too: excess.

Like every solution, i guess it starts with contemplation and followed up by action. So I wish you all the best in balancing your lives. Not an easy feat but a necessary one.

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