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Want to see a painting or two actually in your own room/s before you decide? No problem! Follow the three easy steps below and we’ll have the mock-up back to you in a flash!

Simply send us a photograph of your room and let us know which painting/s you’re interested in and we’ll send you back your own personal room view so you can see exactly how they would look in-situ.

The Three Easy Steps:

  1. Take a good photo of our own room where you’re thinking of hanging your painting/s.
  2. Include the dimensions of something in the room, so we can get a feel for the size of the space – e.g.: an object like a radiator or the width or height of a wall.
  3. Email us with the above photo/s and dimensions and a list of the painting/s you’d like to see in your room and we’ll do the rest!.

We try and reply with a finished mock-up the same day if not within a few hours, all completely free of charge. And we’ll be happy to do this as many times as you like until you find the perfect match for your room!

So, let’s get cracking. Email today!


Do you have a special occasion coming up like a birthday or wedding/anniversary? How about celebrating it with a beautiful piece if art?

Simply choose a piece of art you’d like then email us and, with a small deposit*, we’ll set up a page for you to share with friends and family so they can donate to it.

If you over achieve your target, we’ll hold the rest for you to use on another piece of art in the future, or give you a gift token for the extra amount. If you under achieve, no problem. You can easily top up the remainder yourself.

Just email us on  and let’s get your page set up!

* Non refundable deposits are usually 20% of the list price


Can’t afford a piece of artwork outright? We have the answer! With a small deposit** we’ll reserve the piece of art for you and allow you to pay over several months with instalments to suit you, so you can have something of beauty in your life!

Just email us on  and let’s make sure that special painting can be yours!

** Non refundable deposits are usually 20% of the list price with instalments usually up to 9 months.





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